65 Useful Cool Things to 3D Print to Make Life Better in July 2020


Are you looking for some cool things to 3d print?

3D printing is such a fun way to produce creative work—and it has totally taken off.

Decades before, one 3D printer may cost more than $5,000, but right now you can find many cheap 3D printers from different brands, which you can use in your home desk.

Now, creators are using this amazing new technology to create all kinds of wild and wonderful 3D printer projects that were previously all but impossible to make at home.

I have collected 65 cool things to 3d print that has been prove very useful tools/stuff in our daily life.

From now, you don’t need to go to shop or online to purchase those stuff, just download STL model file and turn on your 3D printer, to print them in your home.

The list will update monthly, you will find newer cool 3d print object in our list。

Table of Contents

Cool Things to 3D Print 1. Bottle Opener and Cap GUN

Bottle Opener and Cap GUN – Cool Things to 3D Print

This bottle opener is not only can help you open bottle, but also can be a toy to have fun.

This cool tool is designed for 26mm caps.

Designer: 3Deddy

Download: Thingiverse

Printability: Medium

2. Mechanical Quick Grab/Release Phone Stand

Mechanical Quick Grab/Release Phone Stand – Cool Things to 3D Print

This phone stand not only allows multiple viewing angles, but it also offers a quick grab/release mechanism, locking the phone tightly in the stand and releasing it when you pick it up.

The design works nicely with larger smartphones and is entirely printable with the exception of a small extension spring that needs to be installed when putting the stand together.

Designer: Arron_Mollet22

Download: Cults

Printability: Medium.

3. Planters

Planters – Cool Things to 3D Print

Why use traditional planters to hold your plants?

There are cool 3D prints out there that don’t allow you to skip the traditional clay pots.

These modular little guys are modern and fresh and guaranteed to make your mini-garden more attractive.

Designer: Printfutura

Download: Cults

Printability: Easy

4. Headset Holder

Headset Holder – Cool Things to 3D Print

We’ll always have a soft spot for the Duck Headphone Hanger, but this can carry a solution that is eminently cooler.

We hope your high school French is up to scratch because the instructions are encapsulated in a slick YouTube video by French channel Heliox. Auto-translated closed captions to the rescue!

Designer: Heliox

Download: Cults

Printability: Medium

5. Parametric Wallet

Parametric Wallet – Cool Things to 3D Print

Wallets made in a 3D printer. Why pay $50 a pop for a leather one when you can create one in your house in an hour, complete with card slots?

This is one of those things to 3D print that we all could use.

Designer: BadPractice

Download: Thingiverse

Printability: Medium

6. Big StrawGlass – Practical

Big StrawGlass – Cool Things to 3D Print

What if you I don’t know why I forget the straw every time.

Now, I have got this glass.

Designer: bLITzJoN

Download: Thingiverse

Printability: Medium

7. Touring Bike Business Card

Touring Bike Business Card – Cool Things to 3D Print

A truly inspiring 3D printing idea, these pop-out business cards allow you to speak to clients in a way they won’t have experienced many times (if ever) before!

Rather than a drab piece of cardboard, hand them a toy they can assemble that speaks much louder than a traditional printed card.

Designer: CyberCyclist

Download: Thingiverse

Printability: Medium

8. Dragonfly

Dragonfly – Cool Things to 3D Print

Definitely among the most interesting 3D printing ideas in this list (and showcasing a bit more complexity than other entries), the dragonfly is a tiny little flying machine you can whip up in a short time.

It’s perfect for providing a little entertainment for your kids on a rainy day.

Designer: thinkpool

Download: Thingiverse

Printability: Medium

9. Amplifier

Amplifier – Cool Things to 3D Print

Drop your phone into these useful little devices to amplify the sound from its speakers.

They offer surprisingly high-quality sound—and now you don’t need to lug portable speakers around on picnics or at the beach.

Designer: 3DSHOOK

Download: cults

Printability: Medium

10. Air Raid Siren – Hand Crank Version 2

Air Raid Siren – Cool Things to 3D Print

Comprising of over a dozen printed parts and some bearings sourced separately, this hand-cranked air raid siren strikes a good balance between effort to assemble and potential as an obnoxious irritant.

We love it.

Designer: MLEPH

Download: Cults

Printability: Medium

11. USB Cable Organizer

USB Cable Organizer – Cool Things to 3D Print

Do you have USB cables?

Are they a mess?

Is your life falling apart?

If you answered yes to the first two questions, this handy organizer can help you out.

It comes in four different versions, so pick the one that works best for your situation. It’s also portable, if necessary.

Designer: Kanata

Download: Thingiverse

Printability: Medium

12. Bag Clip with Screw Cap

Bag Clip with Screw Cap – Cool Things to 3D Print

Your typical print-in-place bag clip gains a new ability — namely, a quick access screw cap.

It’s one of those prints that’s so simple and effective; we wonder why no one thought of it sooner.

Designer: Minkix

Download: Thingiverse

Printability: Medium

13. Solo Finger Pen

Solo Finger Pen – Cool Things to 3D Print

This mechanical finger can be a lot of fun to play with, but can possibly serve as prosthetic for someone with missing a thumb or other fingers.


Download: Cults

Printability: Medium

14. Switcherang: Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Grip

Switcherang: Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Grip – Cool Things to 3D Print

This is a Joy-Con grip for the Nintendo Switch to use in tabletop mode.

They provide an ergonomic all-around grip for your hands, fit in a travel case, and are a decently quick print (~2 hours).

I’ve been playing a bunch of Breath of the Wild with it, and gyro aiming with the bow and arrow are even easier than in tablet mode.

Designer: SALTMIKE

Download: Cults

Printability: Medium

15. Self-righting Gimballed Drinks Holder

Self-righting Gimballed Drinks Holder – Cool Things to 3D Print

This is a simple but effective drinks holder using gimbals. It will fit a standard 330ml can or anything of the same or smaller diameter.

Designer: 3D Designs

Download: Cults

Printability: Medium

16. Universal Auto-Rewind Spool Holder

Universal Auto-Rewind Spool Holder – Cool Things to 3D Print

Inspired by research into stiffness actuators, this adjustable auto-winding spool holder uses a 3D spring and adjustable clutch to rewind itself up to four full rotations.

It’s the ideal holder for tidying up pesky material changes.

Designer: VincentGroenhuis

Download: Thingiverse

Printability: Medium

17. Diver – Elephant Portable Stand and Pencil Cup

Diver – Elephant Portable Stand and Pencil Cup – Cool Things to 3D Print

You’ve just found the perfect companion for your office! This adorable elephant will be just as useful for dropping off your laptop as it is for storing your pencils.

Designer: Stratation

Download: Cults

Printability: Medium

18. Kitchen Pot Lid Holder

Kitchen Pot Lid Holder – Cool Things to 3D Print

If your pan lids run for their lives every time you open your cabinet, now you can pin them in place with these wall-mounted lid mounts.

You’ll need a few screws whose length depend on the thickness of your cabinet doors. I can’t stress how insanely useful these things are.

Designer: DSkolnik

Download: Thingiverse

Printability: Medium

19. Spatula Holder

Spatula Holder – Cool Things to 3D Print

This simple model is probably the most used 3D printed item that I have in my home, because I use it just about every time that I cook.

It’s really useful, keeps your spatula handy without needing to lay it down on the counter, and it’s small enough that it’s easy to store away when not in use.

Designer: Colinch

Download: Thingiverse

Printability: Medium

20. Spaghetti Measure Tool

Spaghetti Measure Tool – Cool Things to 3D Print

Whenever I make pasta, I am constantly throwing away excess noodles because I have a bad tendency of making too much.

It’s pretty hard to eyeball exactly how many noodles will be needed, and the end result is too many noodles or too much sauce.

This simple tool can save you from wasting so much pasta with its simple design.

Just fit the noodles through one of the three holes.

Each hole corresponds to a serving size: either 1 portion, 2 portions or 4 portions.

Designer: MadsHall

Download: Thingiverse

Printability: Medium

21. Second Life Mug

Second Life Mug – Cool Things to 3D Print

How to carry a water mug with hot wat without handle?

Add one handle in your mug is a best choice.

The original idea is from Samuel N. Bernier, our creative director, but we redesigned it for a V2 version, adapted to a European classic: The Jar from “Bonne Maman”.

Designer: LeFabShop

Download: Thingiverse

Printability: Medium

22. Wine Glass Holder

Wine Glass Holder – Cool Things to 3D Print

In need of a unique wine glass holder with the capacity to contain 3-6 wine glasses?

Then why not 3D print this utensil for your personal use.

The wine glass comes with a surface you can attach to any sold base before storing the wine glass.

Designer: yoyoek1

Download: Thingiverse

Printability: Medium

23. Ravioli Maker

Ravioli Maker – Cool Things to 3D Print

It’s a handy 3d printed kitchen tool.

Roll the pasta dough into thin sheets.

Place one of them over the Ravioli Maker. 

Gently push down the sheet a little to make a dent for your filling. Scoop your favorite filling into the dents.

Place another sheet of pasta over the filling and cover the entire thing.

Poke your fingers through the holes to help release the Ravioli. Easy.

Designer: MEH4d

Download: Thingiverse

Printability: Medium

24. Aroma dryer

Aroma dryer – Cool Things to 3D Print

Individual strand dryer for your mint, thyme, basil, etc. branches.

This dryer has been designed for small potato crops with a continuous harvest. It contains 10 slots but you can have several side by side.

For the drying of herbs, it is recommended to dry the strands upside down, as in the photos, in a ventilated area with little light.


Download: Cults

Printability: Medium

25. Dog Bowl Water Bottle Carrier

Dog Bowl Water Bottle Carrier – Cool Things to 3D Print

Here is a good gift for dog lovers who will do literary anything to ensure their dogs are comfortable at any period in time.

The dog bowl water bottle carrier is a device that you can use on-the-go to provide your dog with the gift of liquid substances without making a mess.

Designer: dadhoc

Download: thingiverse

Printability: Medium

26. Sushi Maker Set

Sushi Maker Set – Cool Things to 3D Print

You love sushi, but you have trouble getting a good roll?

This 3D printed Asian kitchen tool can help you a lot.

All you need are the ingredients (and a 3D printer).

This useful kitchen tool comes in 4 different shapes (large rectangle, small rectangle, round and heart-shaped sushi).

Designer: MEH4d

Download: Thingiverse

Printability: Medium – you’ve got a lot of parts to print.

27. Neko Baking Set – Cat Cookie Cutter / Rolling Pin

Neko Baking Set – Cool Things to 3D Print

The Neko Baking Set is a cat themed collection that consists of three items: cat cookie cutter, cat paw cookie cutter, and cat rolling pin!

The cookies from the pictures were made following a standard butter cookies recipe. The items were printed using a 0.4mm nozzle, and it’s recommended to print the items using 0.8mm walls and 0% infill.

This collection is my cat enthusiast version of Adafruit’s amazing circuit and robot baking items.


Download: Thingiverse

Printability: Medium

28. Garlic Press

Garlic Press – Cool Things to 3D Print

Mashes peeled garlic cloves into little squishy bits.

Make sure you print it in a food-safe, durable material or this will fade away in your dishwasher.

Designer: daveseff

Download: Thingiverse

Printability: Advanced

29. Superman Cookie Cutter

Superman Cookie Cutter – Cool Things to 3D Print

The superman cookie cutter is designed to stamp a superman logo concept on cookies during the cutting phase before putting them in the oven.

On making the cookie, the final product will show a superman symbol.

Designer: Protonik

Download: Thingiverse

Printability: Easy

30. Recipe Book / iPad / Tablet Holder

Recipe Book / iPad / Tablet Holder – Cool Things to 3D Print

Normally we use iPad for checking our recipes, but my mother still uses her old recipe books, so we designed a flexible Recipe book / iPad / tablet holder.

You will require a few screws, 6-32 x 1/2″ (3 pcs), 6-32 x 1/4″ (4 pcs), please refer attached Assembly STL file for details.

Designer : Poorveshmistry

Download: Cults

Printability: Medium

31. Spinning K-Cup Holder

Spinning K-Cup Holder – Cool Things to 3D Print

If you’re a drip coffee fan instead, you can also save a few bucks by printing your own K-cup holder.

Designer: Chaoscoretech

Download: Cults

Printability: Medium

32. Bag Holder With Damper

Bag Holder With Damper – Cool Things to 3D Print

Do you go grocery shopping and end up having to carry multiple bags which hurt your fingers?

Then this bag holder should be something you should consider printing.

It provides a better support for your fingers and allows you carry multiple bags with little or no stress.

Designer: Tanyaakinora

Download: Cults

Printability: Medium

33. Bag Clip

Bag Clip – Cool Things to 3D Print

The obvious use for these clips is for food bags like chips and bread, but they can really be used all over the house.

Not only can you 3D print the clips in any color filament so they match your kitchen, but the clip can also be printed in any size that you need.

Designer: Atornago

Download: Cults

Printability: Medium

34. DIY Wine Glass Shelf

DIY Wine Glass Shelf – Cool Things to 3D Print

If space is at a premium in your kitchen and you drink a lot of wine, then these 3D printable wine glass hangers are a great solution to conserve that valuable real estate.

Just screw a few of these under your cabinets and slide your stemware in.

The glasses will be kept out of the way, and because they are inverted, they will remain dust free.

The stemware hangers can also be installed inside of a cabinet if you would rather keep everything contained, and they work exactly like they do when you see these types of hangers at a fancy bar. Just slide the bottom of the glass into the hanger and gravity will do the rest.

Designer: Adylinn studio

Download: Cults

Printability: Medium

35. The Universal Bottle Opener

The Universal Bottle Opener – Cool Things to 3D Print

This Bottle Opener or “UBO” can open large juice bottles, sports drink bottles, soda bottles, canned drinks, and pop tops!

This unique opener is one you must consider printing for its versatility.

It is completely made from plastic and therefore can be used by little kids.

Designer: In3Designs

Download: Thingiverse

Printability: Medium

36. Dispenser For Ingredients

Dispenser for ingredients – Cool Things to 3D Print

The dispenser is designed to be mounted on the inside of the kitchen cabinet door. This enables to use the hole shelf for other stuff and have the ingredient always accessible.

Organize your packets with this wall-mounted cooking ingredient dispenser.

Designer: ewap

Download: Thingiverse

Printability: Easy

37. Watering Spout For 2 Liter Bottle

Watering Spout For 2 Liter Bottle – Cool Things to 3D Print

Almost anyone who is a fan of life-hacking would have come across the makeshift bottle spout.

3D printing can help you take this a step further by making your own customised watering spout which will be far thicker and more durable than using plastic soda bottles.

Designer: mdedm

Download: Thingiverse

Printability: Medium

38. Direct Squeezer

Direct Squeezer – Cool Things to 3D Print

When you need lemon or orange juice, this squeezer is very useful tool.

Make sure you print it in a food-safe

Designer: DJER

Download: Cults

Printability: Medium

39. Sponge Holder For Modern Sink

Sponge Holder For Modern Sink – Cool Things to 3D Print

Here is one of my little creations useful for everyday life

All you need is a sponge support with a large slope to dry it well and a space underneath to overhang modern epoxy sinks.

I tested with lots of sponge marks, no matter the shape, all fit easily and since the sponge does not rest on a large surface, it dries and does not smell bad!


Download: Cults

Printability: Medium

40. Sliding Word Changing Dishwasher Sign

Sliding Word Changing Dishwasher Sign – Cool Things to 3D Print

The contents of a dishwasher are the Schrödinger’s Cat of household appliances; both clean and dirty until an object is removed or placed inside. Fact.

Tip this quantum game in your favor and know whether the cutlery is clean or the mugs are manky with this ingenious sliding dirty/clean text printable.

Designer: MiddleFingerBoss

Download: Thingiverse

Printability: Medium

41. Toothpaste Tube Squeezer

Toothpaste Tube Squeezer – Cool Things to 3D Print

Squeeze every last drop of toothpaste from the tube with this toothpaste tube squeezer.

It prints in three separate parts, and is wide enough to accommodate most tubes on the market.

Not only a cool thing to 3D print, but also something to keep your breath minty fresh.

Designer: ottenjr

DDownload: Thingiverse

Printability: Medium

42. Digital Sundial

Digital Sundial – Cool Things to 3D Print

Your eyes do not deceive you. This insanely cool thing to 3D print is a digital sundial.

And it really does work.

The shape of the sundial has been engineered to only let through the right rays at the right time and angle, so it can display the actual time at 20 minute intervals.

Operational only during daylight hours, naturally, between 10:00 and 16:00.

Designer: MEH4d

Download: Thingiverse

Printability: Medium

43. Photographic Sweep Stand

Photographic Sweep Stand – Cool Things to 3D Print

This stand provides a sweep, or curved, seamless background for photographing small to medium sized objects.

This simple printable paper stand lets you prop a sheet of paper for use as a smooth backdrop for photographing small objects.

Designer: HPaul

Download: Thingiverse

Printability: Medium

44. iCable Guards

iCable Guards – Cool Things to 3D Print

A simple tool to protect your tablet, laptop and mobile phone cables.

Saves your Apple lighting cables from getting bent where it joins the connector.

This can help you if the silicone has broken.

Designer: 3DMX

Download: pinshape

Printability: Medium

45. Veggie Slicer Bowl

Veggie Slicer Bowl – Cool Things to 3D Print

This cool little device provides guides so you can cut your vegies in nice even slices.

Then, turn the guides 90 degrees and you can Julian or even dice your vegies.

Designer: OnlyTono

Download: Thingiverse

Printability: Medium

46. Impossible Table

Impossible Table – Cool Things to 3D Print

Obviously the Impossible Table is, in fact, possible, otherwise, we wouldn’t be writing this.

Taking advantage of a structural principle called tensegrity – tensional integrity – the Impossible Table uses the tension between isolated components to achieve the appearance of a floating table, here tethered only by strings.

Designer: Oak600

Download: Thingiverse

Printability: Medium

46. Stackable Hex Drawers

Stackable Hex Drawers – Cool Things to 3D Print

Not only do these organizers look great, but they can be designed to fit your specific needs.

The modular component of the drawer allows you to add and subtract your storage space any way you see fit.

Designer: O3D

Download: Cults

Printability: Medium

47. Self-Watering Planter (Small)

Self-Watering Planter (Small) – Cool Things to 3D Print

If you have problems watering plants and don’t have a “green thumb” than this project is for you.

With a few simple adjustments, you can easily print an automatic plant waterer, to keep your plants nice and healthy.


Download: Cults

Printability: Medium

48. Monitor Shelf

Monitor Shelf – Cool Things to 3D Print

If you use a desk at home a lot, you’ll often find little knick-knacks and gizmos starting to pile up.

With this snazzy monitor shelf, you can now elevate your assortment of collectibles and reclaim some lost space!

Alternatively, you can start the collection you always wanted but never had enough desk space to display.

It also works for flat-screen TVs.

Designer: vornox

Download: Thingiverse

Printability: Medium

49. Parametric Hinge

Parametric Hinge – Cool Things to 3D Print

3D printers are great for your own specific projects or inventions, allowing you to print your own pieces rather than scour the web.

This parametric hinge is perfect if you need something strong and versatile for your own inventions.  

Designer: ohingosling

Download: Thingiverse

Printability: Medium

50. Book Hide (Large)

Book Hide (Large) – Cool Things to 3D Print

Hide things and look learned. Word. Or, rather, no words. But things. Things you don’t want others to find.


Download: Cults

Printability: Medium

51. Knobs Collection

Knobs Collection – Cool Things to 3D Print

Like the collection of nuts and bolts, Thingiverse user Perinski’s collection of knobs is one to save for later.

Coming in all shapes and sizes, expect to have to go hands-on to finish them off, buffing and sanding to lustrous spinny-knobby glory.

Designer: Perinski

Download: Thingiverse

Printability: Medium

52. Sixpack Carrier

Sixpack Carrier – Cool Things to 3D Print


This project will probably make your life of the party.

Perfect for when you need to transport large amounts of alcohol, this durable and easy to print sixpack carrier can be created directly on your desk.

Designer: seabeast

Download: Thingiverse

Printability: Medium

53. Fully 3D-Printable Turntable

Fully 3D-Printable Turntable – Cool Things to 3D Print

Turn things around this New Year, with this 3D printable turntable.

Suitable for pairing with a 3D scanner or camera for photogrammetry (that or getting clean gifs of your best prints), this entire contraption can be 3D printed – no extras necessary.

Designer: Bribro12

Download: Thingiverse

Printability: Medium

54.  Step Box Step

Step Box Step – Cool Things to 3D Print

You can never have too many organizers, so why not 3D print them?

The beauty of 3D printing organizers is that you tailor the design parameters to fit your mess and to reduce any miscellaneous clutter.

What useful things have you 3D printed for your home? Leave your examples in the comments below.


Download: Cults

Printability: Medium

55. Earbud Case

Cool Things to 3D Print

If there’s one thing we can all agree on, its that earbud cords are a pain in the butt to keep organised.

They constantly get tangled and eventually produce the dreaded earphone-crackle, rendering your treasured music-makers useless.

This is a great example of what you can make with a 3D Printer that can improve your everyday life.

Designer: walter

Download: Thingiverse

Printability: Medium

56. Keychain Smartphone Stand

Keychain Smartphone Stand – Cool Things to 3D Print

Nearly everyone these days has a smartphone, and we’ve likely all had moments where we wanted to prop up our phones for viewing video or photos and had to resort to piled books or whatever else is on hand.

And it rarely works out as well as we hope! That makes this tiny project one of the coolest 3D printed objects on the list. Plus, they look like cats. Cats are good.

Designer: MEH4d

Download: Thingiverse

Printability: Medium

57. Universal Zip Toggle

Universal Zip Toggle – Cool Things to 3D Print

We’ve all been there. A zip pull breaks, curse words are said, and a hastily repurposed key ring becomes the only thing between you and a permanently open bag. But no more! This effortless two-part print has your back and then some.

Designer: Josh Forwood

Download: myminifactory

Printability: Medium

58. Card Deck Shuffler V2

Card deck shuffler V2 – Cool Things to 3D Print

Those prone to mid-shuffle fumbles, your Poker face-saving prayers are answered!

MyMiniFactory user LarsRb has concocted this colorful creation with the sole purpose to successfully shuffle decks of cards up to official poker card size.

Designer: LarsRb

Download: myminifactory

Printability: Medium

59. Stackable Battery Holders

Stackable Battery Holders – Cool Things to 3D Print

When you need battery , are you still searching everywhere?

You must need this organize box to store your battery , and each box will mark.

Designer: adoniram

Download: Thingiverse

Printability: Medium

60. Lego_Man. Holder Toilet Paper

Lego_Man. Holder Toilet Paper – Cool Things to 3D Print

Are you board with your home toilet paper holder, it is time to change this Lego Man.

It is a useful and fun 3D print tool

Designer: vvk187

Download: Thingiverse

Printability: Medium

61. SD/microSD Holder Customizable

SD/microSD Holder Customizable – Cool Things to 3D Print

SD and MicroSD cards are great for quick and easy to share storage of your digital files, but they are also prone to get lost.

This design has everything you need to build your own handy holder for all your SD and microSD cards.

It offers different compartments for different types of cards, and you can print as many compartments as you need.

And also has front and back covers to provide some mechanical protection to your precious physical storage media.

Designer: hackermagnet

Download: Thingiverse

Printability: Medium

62. Laptop Stand

Laptop Stand – Cool Things to 3D Print

You may have to play around with the dimensions of the model to fit your laptop, but it has been designed to elevate your laptop to a more natural position, which improves both your posture and your laptop’s air circulation.

The pieces that comprise this laptop stand are small enough to fit into any laptop bag so that you can carry them around should you need to set up a workstation in some unfamiliar place.

Designer: sysys

Download: Thingiverse

Printability: Medium

63. Super Mario Paper Towel Holder

Super Mario Paper Towel Holder – Cool Things to 3D Print

If you’re looking for a keen way to store both your paper towels and your napkins, this modular Super Mario Bros holder has you covered.

This piece will provide the perfect accent to any arcade-party, and will surely become a topic of conversation over your pizza dinner at game night.

Designer: SpaceMonkey42

Download: Thingiverse

Printability: Medium

64. A 10 Way Liquid Dispenser

A 10 Way Liquid Dispenser – Cool Things to 3D Print

The 10-way dispenser is a creative way to get your guests whatever liquid they favor using this funny and eye-catching design.

Although it may not be very practical, it will definitely become a conversation piece for visitors to your home.

Designer: Nagalfar

Download: Thingiverse

Printability: Medium

65. Screwdriver Stand

Screwdriver Stand – Cool Things to 3D Print

This screwdriver stand is another beautiful piece 3D printed for use in workshops.

Unlike other screwdriver organizers, this tool rack is built to be lean thereby ensuring it doesn’t occupy too much space in your workshop.

Designer: Nivek11

Download: Thingiverse

Printability: Medium

Now that you’ve got a bunch of really amazing 3D printer projects completed.

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